The 10 Best Movie Party Scenes


That’s the thing about the high school experience — we get older, but it stays the same. And that’s why Dazed and Confused speaks to students (and partiers) of any generation.


30 Terrible Movie Ideas That Would Still Be Better Than ‘The Hangover Part III’


25. We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident, That All Men Are Created Equal, That They Are Endowed By Their Creator With Certain Unalienable Rights, That Among These Are Life, Liberty, The Pursuit Of Happiness, And The Right To Die Hard

The Most Underrated Movies Of The Last 10 Years

Moon - Final

Meek’s Cutoff is kind of like the classic computer game Oregon Trail, except crossed with The Shining — instead of laughing when your pioneer family gets lost and the wagon breaks a wheel, the movie makes you realize the utter horror of wandering hopelessly across barren terrain with some other family that you’re starting to view less as companions and more as potential brunch.

The Actors Playing The New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Are Stupid Nerds


I emerged revitalized and reenergized, once again in perfectly synchronous harmony with the God-like beam of light that is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Then, while I opened the door to the bedroom closet that my mom keeps reminding me should be filled with ties and dress pants rather than nostalgic knickknacks and industrial strength narcotics, my knees buckled as my inferior mind was invaded with a euphoric vision of the TNMT movie that could be, if only the right people were involved — the best people. I knew who needed to be cast in the roles of the four turtles, as well as many other crucial parts. I present to you my vision…

The 50 Most Bizarrely Funny Movie Ratings

936full-team-america -world-police-screenshot

24. Little Giants (1994) – Rated PG for kids’ rude language and pranks.
(Pranks? PRANKS? NOOOOOOO!!!!!)

10 Movies You Need To See In 2013


I will sign up for literally anything involving the Coen brothers, writers and directors of this here film. Seriously, anything: A filmed colonoscopy of John Goodman? Hold on, let me call up Fandango. Mall Cop 2: Paul Blart Rises? You’ve got my $12. A 9-hour documentary on live births? Weird, but I’m there.

The Action Films Of Arnold Schwarzenegger, In Order Of Implausibility (Part 2)

Predator’s placement rests heavily on your inclination to believe the  following plot points: 1.) Aliens exist, 2.) Said aliens have mastered both  interplanetary travel and advanced combat techniques, 3.) They enjoy hunting  humans for sport, and 4.) Dudes are also rockin’ some serious dreads.

The Action Films Of Arnold Schwarzenegger, In Order Of Implausibility  (Part I)

What qualifies me as an Arnold Schwarzenegger expert? I can spell his last name,  correctly, on command. Try me.

Horrifying Movies That Aren’t Actual Horror Movies

Let’s just say this movie is responsible for me taking “Masked Orgy” off my  bucket list.

16 Movies Hollywood Actually Should Remake

Like it or not, eventually Hollywood’s going to remake everything, so we might  as well roll with it.

15 Reasons To Be Excited For The Dark Knight Rises


1. It’s directed by Christopher Nolan. Seriously, how many times have we seen a director go on a streak of balancing commercial and critical success like Nolan has over the last decade? Between the Batman trilogy, Inception, and the underrated The Prestige, this guy can do no wrong lately — that’s a series of successes that can go toe-to-toe with Coppola in the 70s. Nolan’s next project could be a feature-length version of According to Jim and I’d be excited for it.

Michael Bay’s IMDB Filmography: 2012-2032

Worst of all, Royal Emperor Tronald Dump has declared a prohibition on Pepsi, the country’s most cherished beverage and sole reason for continued existence. Sounds like a job for… Pepsi Jesus!

Why Ted Is Worth Seeing

The best thing about Ted is that it is 100% Seth MacFarlane, which, depending on your opinion, might also be the worst thing about Ted.

Your Guide To 2012 Summer Movies

Sometimes I wish I could be like a Hollywood franchise and just “reboot” my identity every five or six years and pick out some poor schlub walking the down street and be like, “Okay, from now, you’re me… and Go!” And it’d be like, okay, now you’re the guy with a $60 bank account who’s banned from the library. So, uhhh…good luck with that. Sucker.

What Your Favorite Action Movie Says About You


The Fast and the Furious: You returned the Ed Hardy t-shirt your cousin got you for Christmas because the design is already tattooed to your torso. You missed out on the last UFC pay-per-view because your amateur MMA fight was on the same night at the local bingo hall. You own the same Honda Civic as my mom, but yours has a body kit and flame decals.


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