With the Twitter-ing!

Look at me, with the Twitter-ing machine! Come and “follow” me, in a purely figurative  sense! Recent electronic messages:

Article on cover of this month’s Cosmo: When Your Vagina Acts Weird After Sex. I’m curious – does it start listening to Zappa or something?

“No, not THAT kind of bear!” – Richard Simmons, on more than one occasion.

“Once you’ve passed me the mashed potatoes, you have my permission to die.” – Me overusing Dark Knight Rises quotes.

“Softball is like baseball, but with a softer ball,” said the Guy With No Friends to no one in particular.

If you’re a chef, and you’re not really fat…I don’t completely trust you.


About Ted Pillow

Ted Pillow writes. He tweets @TedPillow.
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